Friday, July 16, 2010

2007 Stefania Syrah Eaglepoint Ranch

I wish I could report something different on this particular wine, and I wish I could come up with something bad to say about this wine, but words just cannot describe just how good this wine is for the money.  And to think that this is just a baby from 2007 is beyond me!

To think that the 2008's aren't even released yet, and the simple fact that we have already burned through 7 of these bottles is almost sickening.  The definitely have the guts to age for 5 plus years in the cellar is not more.  These wines will definitely get better with age as well, so how can these be drinking so good right now?  I wish I knew, because I would be making wine in this region as well!

I actually grabbed this by accident tonight, wanting to grab a 2006 to bring to West Side Gravy in Collingswood, NJ.  But when we got tothe restaurant and I reached into the Riedel carrier, I noticed it was a 2007, not that I was disappointed.

Notes are similar to other bottles, with a nose of bright cherry, berries, pepper, and spice, with a bit of vanilla and smoked oak. On the palate, this was gorgeous considering it was popped and poured at room temp as this was pulled out of the cellar earlier in the day.  Awesome cherry and spice are represented here, with some nice dark berries and a bit of mint. The spice on this wine is magnificent, and the light pepper is really nice. I am not a big fan of the over the top spicy, peppery syrah’s, and this is not the case here in the least. Hints of mocha and plum round out the palate, with a bit of earthiness, and this is just pure joy. Yet another winner from Paul and Stef, and we are look to them visiting NJ on September 11th, 2010.  If you are interested in meeting Paul and Stef, and tasting through their 2008 lineup, be sure to drop me an e-mail at njfoodies at gmail dot com.

In short, another wonderful bottle that is not disappointing in the least, and I really need toset up a mouse trap on these bottles so I quit grabbing them from the cellar! 92 points! Cheers!

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