Sunday, October 17, 2010

2006 Acardian Syrah Sleep Hollow Vineyard

After a little running around in Princeton today, I remember an e-mail I received on Friday I think from Joe Canal’s saying they had this on sale for under $18.  At that price, I had to stopped and pick up a few bottles, so I grabbed 3 to give it a whirl.  Arcadian’s pinot noir are fantastic, and seeing as this is our favorite time of year to drink syrah, why not!  If I recall, this wine was hovering around $30 on release from the winery, so to find this on sale for under $18 I had to give it a whirl.  In all actuality, I think I need to go back and back up the truck, taking all that they have left!

Popped and poured on “the bistro” today after doing some Halloween decorating on the street, and it had a gorgeous deep red ruby color in the glass.  Almost similar to cranberry juice, but it was also getting dark, so I could be a little off.  Great nose, with lots of pepper, cedar, and some black fruits.  Mostly blackberry, but also hints of black cherry and boysenberry.  Definitely a bit of spice on the nose as well, but I sensed next to no alcohol, so this wine has really come together I think.

On the palate, more of the same, with the black and red fruit dominating.  More blackberry and some black cherry, with maybe even a bit of currant.  On the finish, the pepper comes through, and is a bit more prominent than what I usually like, but for whatever reason, this didn't bother me a bit.  The finish was smooth and lingered, and you can tell that this is just a well made wine.  All in all, I'll be heading back for a few more of these, and this is worthy of 92 points.  I actually gave this an extra point based on the QPR factor.  This is a hard syrah to beat for the money!  Cheers!

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