Saturday, October 9, 2010

2008 Dr. Loosen Riesling Bros

This is one of these wines that you might see in your local grocery store, with a shelf tag speaking of how Wine Spectator rated it XX points and put it on their best buy list.  For me, the curiosity in this wine is that I read so often of bottle variation in these mass produced wines, so I want to try them for myself.  Actually spotted this one at the local Wegman's, and at under $10, I figured it was worth picking up a few bottles for a little afternoon sipper on a warm day.

On the nose, this really doesn't give up a whole lot.  I actually had to strain a bit to come up with some descriptors for this, and that is never a good thing.  With that said, I figured it would be a super thin wine with very little complexity.  I picked up a bit of peach and pear on the nose, with some citrus tones, as well as just a bit of apple.  You could also smell some caramel or butterscotch, or something that made this wine smell a bit sweet.

On the palate, there were no complaints here whatsoever.  Was this wine really under $9?  Nice peach nectar and honeysuckle on the palate, with some more tart citrus notes.  The sweetness is there, and for the money, this is a great quaffer.  The apple seems to come out a bit on the finish, which although short, is very pleasant.  What else could you want for the money here?  This is a great QPR, and a pleasure to drink on a hot day.  And at 8 1/2% alcohol, you can drink plenty of it!  85 points with the extra point for QPR.  Cheers!  -F. Scott

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