Friday, October 29, 2010

2007 Stefania Cabernet Sauvignon Uvas Creek Vineyard

I’ve had a case of these resting in the cellar for almost exactly a year now, and figured why not pop one after the great showing this had at our Stefania tasting back in September.  Unfortunately, I think this is the last Uvas Creek that will be produced by Stefania which is a shame.  Paul and Stef really know how to make good wine from the fruit at Uvas Creek, and I will definitely miss this one from their lineup. 
Popped and poured this bad boy tonight, and it showed a nice dark red color in the glass.  Very nice nose of a berry medley, with cherry, raspberry, strawberry, and other dark berry fruits.  There are also some nice layers of spice here, and a certain oak smell that I can always recognize in Paul and Stef’s wines.  I really think this has everything to do with the barrels they use, and if I had to put money on it, Paul used a brand new Seguin Moreau barrel in this wine, that seems to be one of his signature.  No, I am not crazy, it is that distinct, and very common for Paul to do.
On the palate, this is definitely young, and could have used a couple hours in the decanter.  As this wine opened up, it showed more nice red fruit, mainly cherry, and a whole lot of creamy vanilla, which again I attribute to the oak.  There is also a bit of cassis here, and just a bit of pluminess.  A little bit of spice rounds out the palate, and is seems to be a pretty big wine.  There is definitely a bit of tannin on the finish, and maybe even a touch of alcohol, but these will both mellow with age.
All in all, this is a very nice wine, and quite possibly the best Uvas Creek yet, which is truly a shame since it is going to be the last.  To me, this had just as much fruit as the ’05, which is drinking really nicely right now by the way, yet it was a bit more structured than the ’05, and more like the ’06 in that tense.  All in all, a delicious wine that will benefit with air, and benefit even more from some storage time in the bottle.  Drink now with 2-4 hour decant.  91 points.  Cheers!

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