Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bon Appétit – Princeton, NJ

Today we had to run to Target to get our 86 year old neighbor, Mrs. Johnson some purple lights at Target so she could decorate her house for Halloween.  After leaving Target, I just started driving, in search of a good lunch somewhere.  We really couldn’t think of anywhere in town we wanted to eat, so next thing you know we’re driving down Nassau Street towards Harrison Street, when Bon Appétit popped into my head.  Bon Appétit is located in the Princeton Shopping Center off of Harrison Street.

Bon Appétit is a great little gourmet shop, that has anything from great, hard to find gourmet items, to a bakery, deli, etc.  You can find anything from truffle butter here, to an incredible cheese collection, to olive oils, truffle oils, crackers, sandwiches, meats, etc.  This is one of those shops that you walk into even when you are stuffed and can’t eat a thing, and find something to eat just because you’re there!

So today we decided to see what was on the menu, as their sandwiches are always a stomach pleaser, as well as their different salads they have, such as the orzo, or any of the other pasta salads.  Today however we went the sandwich route, and kind of the comfort food route for both of us.  Zelda went for an egg salad sandwich on rye, as this is one of her favorites.  Needless to say, she was very pleased with it, and she had a side of BBQ potato chips with it.

I went for the pastrami Rueben, which came out nice and hot, with some sauerkraut and thousand island dressing.  The flavors in the pastrami were great, as it was thinly sliced.  The ‘kraut also had great flavor, and it was all around tasty.  The bread seemed to have just a bit of sweetness to it, almost like French toast at first, but I am wondering if this was just from something that may have been cooked in their press or on the flat top before it.  Very strange, but not overly offensive, and it only seemed to take taste on the first half of the sandwich.  Regardless, it’s worth noting in my opinion.  I too went for the BBQ chips on the side, and we left very satisfied!  YUM!

The best thing about Bon Appétit is browsing while waiting for our sandwiches.  Their cheese selection is one of the best around, and today they were sampling a nice, soft cheese made from cow’s milk.  In all honesty, I forget what cheese it was not, but it was delicious.  They also have some great looking items in their deli case, ranging from good looking prosciutto, to pasta salads, to pot pies, etc.  Everything looked fabulous.  They also have a great selection of olive oil on one of the shelves, as well as a cold case where you find anything from truffle butter, to smoked salmon, to other tasty spreads.

All I’ll say is that if you are in the area, it’s worth stopping in to check it out!  If nothing else, stop in and grab a cookie!  They have many different kinds, and they are delicious!  Cheers!

Bon Appétit
301 North Harrison Street
Princeton, NJ  08540
Phone:  (609)924-7755

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Realtor Gal said...

Is this the place on the corner by the grocery? I didn't know that they had real lunches here. I had been told this was just a bakery. I can walk here practically from my office (Harrison and Nassau) so I will have to give it a try at lunch. Do you have any pictures? I'd be curious to see how their sandwiches look. Thank you, and I really enjoy your column. You go to so many places here in town and I love it. It seems like there are so many great places in Princeton alone that I never have to leave!