Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dave's Famous Subs - Cookstown, NJ

Here it is, a cold and rainy New Jersey day in October.  I forgot my homemade mac & cheese leftovers from Zelda’s awesome creation, and I have to stop at the dry cleaners.  That said, I am craving a hot sandwich, so figured I would stop at Dave’s Famous Subs in Cookstown while I run my lunch time errands.

Dave’s opened probably 4 years ago if I remember correctly, and has been in the same plaza since its inception.  Today, I got there at about 11:15AM, and just beat the lunch rush I think.

Dave’s a small place, but they do have a few tables for your dining pleasure.  You walk in and see the soda fountains and deli case to your right, along with the sandwich line where they prepare your sammich.  On the wall behind that is the menu, ranging from breakfast, to cold subs, to hot subs, wraps, salads, and your fried sides.

I ended up going the hot route and ordered the pastrami and Swiss, which was cooked on the flat top in what looks to be a nice clean kitchen area in the back.  Meanwhile, another guy was building sandwiches for people, and by this point, he was about 5 deep.  Two other gentleman came in and ordered chicken cheesesteaks, and the guy working my pastrami on the flat top took care of those as well.  I think his name was Jeff.

From what I remember, the lines here can get very long at the lunch rush, but the two of them seemed to have a good system working for them.  Regardless, when you have 20 people waiting in line, I would have to guess it gets a little hectic.  Maybe they have other help on other days, I don’t know, but again, they had it down for the amount of customers who were there right now.

Took the sandwich back to my office, and found a nice crisp roll on the outside, with a nice soft center.  The pastrami was nice and warm, and well seasoned, topped with melted Swiss cheese, and some yellow mustard.  I actually reached into the fridge and grabbed a little Boars Head brown deli style mustard, and the sandwich was delicious.  Size here was about average, and it made for the perfect meal along with a small bag of Herr’s potato chips.  As for value, again, it was about average, as the sandwich and chips came to about $8.  All in all, a decent and convenient lunch, and I’ll definitely be back again in the future.  Cheers!

Dave’s Famous Subs
26 Wrightstown/Cookstown Road
Cookstown, NJ  08511
Phone:  (609)758-1103 or 754-1031
Mon-Fri:  7AM-2PM

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