Saturday, March 21, 2009

2004 Copain Pinot Noir Cerise Vineyard

It sure is nice having friends with a cellar that is not nearly as young as our is. Tom also has a great choice in wines that he brings to dinner, and as usual, this was no exception. This is a pinot that is drinking very nicely with a few years in the bottle. This was popped and poured tonight at Under the Moon, and was a treat. Gorgeous dark ruby color in the glass, that was very fragrant right out of the bottle. As we waited to have a toast, I could smell this as the glass sat on the table, and it had a very fragrant nose. Nice raspberry and blueberry notes on the nose, with a subtle hint of spice and oak. On the palate, more dark fruits, raspberry, cranberry, cherry, and hints of spice and clove. This was delicious, and I am glad that the others moved onto the zin as I got to finish the last of this bottle. The finish was nice and smooth, very well integrated, and left me wanting more. What a treat, and I think I know a place where I can find this vintage locally. I true treat! Thanks Tom and Denise! 90 Points! Cheers!

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