Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bobby's Burger Palace - Eatontown, NJ

Today we drove up to Eatontown to check out Bobby Flay's new "fast food" burger joint called Bobby's Burger Palace. I had originally tried Bobby's Burger Palace a few weeks after they had opened, and found it quite enjoyable. I've heard and read a lot of negative reviews both around the office, as well as on Chowhound, but I find it rather enjoyable.
Most of the complaints I heard are either about the price, or about the goofy seating, or lack of seating. In my opinion, to pay $7.50 for a certified back angus burger is absolutely worth it. But for those looking for a down and dirty, greasy burger as I like to say, Bobby's Burger Palace is not for you. Instead, go check out 5 Guys, save a few bucks, and get a good greasy burger. Yes, I enjoy 5 Guys as well, but it depends on what kind of burger I am looking for.
I consider Bobby's Burger Palace more of a gourmet burger, with good, fresh, different ingredients. Yes, you can get a good old plain, old fashioned cheeseburger here as well, or you can get a burger with fresh ingredients, different sauces, different vegetables, and different cheeses.
Zelda opted for the Palace Classic Burger made with ground turkey, topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and fresh red onion. One of the first comments she made was that the tomato was so fresh and vibrant. After lunch, she made the comment that it may have been the best turkey burger she has ever had. That is a pretty bold statement as she loves her turkey burgers.
I opted for the Philadelphia Burger, cooked medium, and topped with provolone cheese, griddled onions, and hot peppers. This is the second time I had this burger, and it was as much of a joy this time as it was the first time. The provolone is a nice touch, and the hot peppers are fresh and very tasty. It's great combination! The meat itself is lightly seasoned, so it really lets you taste the meat and the burger itself. I love making fresh burger pattie's on the grill, and I would not change a thing on these!
We both opted for a side of fries, and these were served up in a big metal tin, with a side of their signature french fry sauce. I'm not sure what is in this fry sauce, but it has a nice blend of what taste like roasted red pepper and chipotle. Needless to say it is great stuff.
We also opted for malts, and she went for the chocolate, and I went for the vanilla. For $5, I have to say that it is a darn good malt! The vanilla especially really has that nice malt taste to it. We also had a nice fresh lemonade to wash our burgers down.
A few comments about complaints I have heard:
1) Price: to me, paying $33 for 2 gourmet burgers, 2 large orders of fries, 2 malts, and a lemonade is not a big deal. If this was McDonald's or even 5 Guys, yes, I might be a little hesitant. However, you are paying for Bobby Flay's name, and he has to pay for his overhead. I've paid it twice, and I'll pay it again.
2) Seating: yes, seating is an issue, especially during the week at lunch. We got there around 1PM today, and must have just beaten the rush.
A. When you walk in, you stay in the line to the right, place your order, then they give you a number and you have to find a place to sit.
B. The tables are all large, and it is seat yourself. When it gets busy, it can be very hard to find a place to sit for 2 people, let alone if you have a large group. If you do have a large group, I do not recommend going here. It will be very difficult.
C. They also have a counter that wraps around the restaurant as well, and you can sit here.
D. The first time I was there, as well as when we were getting ready to leave, the line was out the door. That said, know that you are taking a chance, and you might end up waiting. But after being open for almost 6 month now, what does that tell you? It either tells you that one, their food is that good, or two, people are still intrigued and want to give it a whirl. I will attribute it to both of these.
The restaurant itself is nice inside. One of the first things that I noticed is the big colorful light that hangs over the counter top seating. It is adorned is nice vibrant colors, and mirror the counter itself. You will also see large, wood look subway tiles on the walls, and very neat lighting hanging from the ceiling. The inside looks nice and modern, and they did a good job on the decor.
So regardless of what others have said, and regardless of reviews I have read, we give Bobby's Burger Palace two thumbs up, and we look forward to our next dining experience there. Keep up the great work Bobby! Cheers! 188 Route 35 South at Monmouth Mall
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Phone: (732)544-0200

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Thanks for the review. We have a gift card for BBP just waiting to be used. - John