Friday, March 20, 2009

The Inn at the Hawke - Lambertville, NJ

Last week we had talked to our good pal and former neighbor Arounkone about getting together up in Lambertville on Friday night for dinner. It's been a while since we have gone to the Inn at the Hawke, so what better night than a Friday during lent to head up for some fish and chips. We got to Arounkone's shop, Pure Energy Cycling and Java House just after 7:30. We met one of his friends hanging out there, Jonathan, and then the 4 of us headed over to the Inn at the Hawke for dinner. The place was packed, and we were told that it would be about a 20 minute wait for a table, but it turned out to only take about 5 minutes to get a table. Woo hoo! We sat down and ordered cocktails, and gave our order shortly after. For an appetizer, Jonathan ordered the "Polenta Fries," and these came out looking like a game of Jenga, neatly stacked and drizzled with a very nice sauce. These were wonderful, and had a nice crispy skin on them, followed by a very soft polenta inside. The flavor and presentation on these was great, and I would order them again in the future. For dinner, both Zelda and I opted for the fish and chips, and I have really been craving good fish and chips since Lent began. I had these here years ago and they were wonderful, but they seemed to go downhill when I had them again a few years later. Even though I was skeptical, these came out perfectly, along with some nice chips. When I didn't care for these a few years ago, they came out mushy and greasy, but they have since corrected the problem, and they came out nice and hot, with no signs of grease. The fish was fried up perfectly, with a side of tarter and vinegar, and it was a true treat. Zelda's were fried to a perfect golden brown as well, and I couldn't have had a happier belly, and my craving has been satisfied. Arounkone opted for the Sheppard's Pie, and this was a nice portion, smothered in whipped potatoes, that were piped on top and baked. I would love to order this in the future. Jonathan had a grilled salmon sandwich which also looked very nice, garnished with a nice piece of lettuce. All in all, this was a great meal at the Inn at the Hawk, and it was nice to go back there as it has been years. With so many good restaurants in Lambertville, it's hard to visit them all throughout the year, as we only make it into town once or twice a month. Regardless, with the season of Lent upon us, I look forward to heading back there again soon for some fish and chips. A great meal with friends, both old and new. Dude! Cheers 74 S Union Street Lambertville, NJ 08530 Phone: (609) 397-9555‎

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