Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Far East Taste - Eatontown, NJ

Well, the pictures aren't the best in the world, but what do you want from a PDA anyway? After a morning of looking forward to my world famous enchiladas con salsa verde that I made last night, I ended up taking a walk with some of the guys from the office to the Far East Taste, right out the gate here and up the hill. Years ago, this was a great spot from what I have read in several reviews, and the old owner, Richard, had some serious talent. Upon arrival, it was a little odd to see the store front right on Main Street, but the entrance was in the read. You walk down a long, narrow hallway, and are greeted at the host stand. We were then brought down a step, and seated in the small dining room, with mirrors on the wall, with the lower wall adorned in marble looking formica. There was definitely nothing fancy about this place, but it's close to the office, so that is a plus. Upon looking at the menu, there are several lunch special listed, along with a few other specials on a hand written board. I didn't look through the entire menu as we were pressed for time, and had to get back to the office, but they have many "Pan Asian" selections that are Thai influenced. I started off with a Thai Ice Tea since I gave up the soda for Lent, and it was your classic tea. They also brought over a pot of hot tea for us to sip on. For lunch, I went with one of my staples, the shrimp in garlic sauce, also known here as the L17. This came with my choice of of wonton soup, egg drop soup, or an eggroll, so of course I went with the eggroll. The eggroll came out out, and although it was not as golden brown and fried as it could have been, it was nice and hot, and not greasy at all. I don't know if they pre-fry these, and then keep them in the oven, or if they just bake them, but there was zero grease on this. The vegetables were nice and crisp, and very fresh, and the eggroll wrapper had a nice crunch. There were also small bits of prok, along with the cabbage and other veggies. It could have about 10 degrees warmer, but it was still pleasant. Shortly afterwards, the entrees came out, and we had substituted pork fried rice for the white rice. This was nice, with small pieces of bbq pork, as well as some chunks of onion. The onion was a little much for me, which is something that I usually have no problem with, but I like to see it diced a little smaller. Regardless, there were only a few larger pieces that I ate around with no problem. The rice had a nice flavor, but it was lacking something that I cannot put my hands on. It was also almost as though it had sat up in the window a bit too long, and dried out some. It also seemed to be a bit on the greasy side, but what do you want for something that is wok fried? Out came the rest of the entrees about 30 seconds later, and for a lunch portion, mine was decent in size with 9 shrimp, and a while lot of vegetables ranging from flat cut carrots, to broccoli, to green peppers, celery, and onion. The garlic sauce was nice, had the perfect amount of spice to it, and was very pleasant...and I didn't feel as though I needed to rush back to the office to brush my teeth, although I did anyway. Overall, this was a nice dish, and I would more than likely order it again. In short, this is a nice place for the money, and a close walk from the office without having to worry about losing a good parking spot and having to park six blocks away. A shrimp special with a healthy portion of medium sized shrimp for under $9 with friend rice is a pretty good deal in my book. I would not however go out of my way to visit this restaurant, but it is good for some comfort food, and I would consider it good. Next time around, I will try something else to compare more things on their menu. Don't go there expecting ambiance, because you will definitely be disappointed, but if you're looking for a quick lunch with good spice, this is a good option. Cheers! 19 Main Street Eatontown, NJ 07724 Phone: (732) 389-9866

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