Saturday, March 21, 2009

2006 Tobin James Zinfandel Charisma

Anyone who knows Tobin James knows how much of a treat their dessert wines are. We have had their Liquid Love many times, whether it be just the normal bottling, reserve, or Late Harvest, and they have all been very enjoyable. I have head nothing but great things about the Charisma, so I figured it would be fun to enjoy one tonight with Tom and Denise. Unfortunately, it wasn't nearly as enjoyable as some of the other wines we have had, but what can you do?
Silvi put this in the fridge for us during dinner, so it stayed nice and cold. Unfortunately, when we opened this wine, the nose didn't give off a whole lot really, and the wine seemed really thing on the palate. The Liquid Love on the other hand has always been very jammy, and thick, but maybe the thin style of the Charisma is how Toby and Lance like to craft this wine. We didn't finish this bottle unfortunately, but I did put a vacuum seal on it and throw it in the fridge, so we'll be sure to check this wine out again maybe on Monday night. More to come, but currently 82 points for the high alohol taste on the palate, and lack of complexity. Cheers!

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