Saturday, March 27, 2010

2006 Tobin James Cabernet Sauvignon James Gang Reserve

Popped and poured tonight at Stella’s Family Restaurant in Burlington, NJ, and from the get go, this was an over oaked, alcoholic mess. I truly hate to say that as I am usually a huge fan of Tobin James wines, but this one just wasn’t doing it for us tonight. Maybe it was the food, maybe it was just the entire experience, regardless, it wasn’t one of our better Saturday nights in our little food and wine world.

Tons of oak and alcohol on the nose, with some jammy red and black berries. Nothing really stood out all that much, and the oak was overwhelming. On the palate, the vanilla from the oak was overwhelming, with some jammy/chewy blackberry and dark raspberry and plum. Secondary hints of mint round out the mid palate, with a finish of more oak and alcohol. This is the first Tobin James wine I have been disappointed with, and I am wondering if these wines just no longer appeal to us. I am going to guess no as we really love their fruit bomb zins and whites, so maybe we just weren’t in the mood for a wine of this style tonight. 80 points. Cheers!

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