Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cafe Galleria - Lambertville, NJ

Had a literally last minute planned on the fly via text message mini Cellar Tracker offline line tonight at Cafe Galleria in Lambertville. Was originally planning on meeting a buddy, but his plans changed, so met another oenophile at Cafe Galleria instead.

Walked in and only one other table in the restaurant. By the end of the night, another 3-4 tables had come in. Popped and poured a 2005 Alma Rosa La Encantada pinot noir, and PBM brought a 2006 Folio (Michael Mondavi Family) Cabernet Sauvignon Emblem Oso Vineyard that he had decanted.  Notes to be posted soon on these wines!

Looked over the menu and our waitress came over and read us the specials. Many of them sounded good, but for whatever reason I was craving chicken tonight with some sort of cream suace, so I went with the Chicken Cordon Blue. I know, boring, but it sounded great! My fellow oenophile went with a cheese ravioli special.

Dinner came out and looked fabulous. PBM's ravioli filled the plate with a nice bright red sauce, which I think he said had some nice spice to it. The rav's looked good and plump, filled with a nice blend of cheeses. He seemed to like it as his plate went back to the kitchen empty.

My cordon blue was awesome, with a nice, large chicken breast, with a nice slick uf ham about a half inch thick, then smothered with melted cheese. It was then covered with a nice cream sauce filled with mushrooms. This had a very nice texture, and a very rich and creamy buttery taste. On the side, a small potato that had been sliced in half and grilled. This left a little to be desired as it was a bit hard. A huge side of veggies consisting of cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots filled the rest of the plate. A nice bread was also on the table, and almost like a chibatta bread.

All in all, a nice meal with a fellow oenophile, drinking some nice wines, and having some great wine conversations. The service is always fast and friendly, and the tiny place just has a neat little charm to it. Kudos to the staff! Thinking a Wednesday day night tasting group is going to be put together in the Lambertville area shortly! Cheers! -mJ

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