Friday, March 19, 2010

The Farnsworth House - Bordentown, NJ

Took a stroll into Bordentown last night since it was so nice out, and took a walk around town. Stopped in Jester's Cafe first where we were supposed to meet some friends later in the evening, and ended up walking down to The Farnsworth House since we love their bar menu.

There were 4-5 tables seated downstairs, and we took the last 2 stools at the bar. Definitely busy as always on the weekend, but that is not such a bad thing. Zelda opted for a cocktail and I opted for a glass of pinot noir (Red Truck - BLAH, but probably perfect for most of their customers).

We noticed that the bar menu had been revamped, probably for Lent, and we opted to do appetizers tonight. Zelda went with the quesadillas and something else, that I cannot remember now for whatever reason. The quesadilla however was very nice, with a nice pepper inside and good cheese. The green color on this pepper was gorgeous, and the flavors were very nice. I know, it's just a quesadilla, but it was really good, even down to something as simple as the flour tortilla.

I opted for two appetizers as well, and in the spirit of Lent, went with the scallops casino, and the grilled swordfish skewer. Scallops came out and were small in size, and served in a shell. The scallops were cooked nicely, with great texture, and a nice little hint of sweetness. The "casino" elements added some nice flavors, and it was a good appetizer.

The swordfish skewer was almost perfect, but could have used the slightest bit of salt and pepper. Nice big chunks of grilled swordfish, with onion, red pepper, green pepper, and yellow pepper. Great flavors, but again, some salt and pepper in the kitchen would have made this perfect. Regardless, nothing I couldn't take care of myself, and it was a treat.

Add some fresh warm bread and some hummus, and this was a great meal. As always, kudos to Fatih and the Farnsworth House staff for great service and a delectable dinner. Love the bar menu here, and with a drink each and 4 appetizers, our bill came in at under $40. Their beer selection is always changing, and Fatih carries some great beers that you will not find at a lot of places. It's always fun to stop in to see what he has on tap. Great value, and we look forward to going back and visiting again soon. -mJ

Farnsworth House
135 Farnsworth Ave
Bordentown, NJ 08505
Phone:  (609)291-9232

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