Thursday, March 4, 2010

Delorenzos Tomato Pies - Robbinsville, NJ

It's been a while since I have gone on my Delorenzos Tomato Pies rant, and if I would have to guess, I probably only write about them 25% of the time that we actually go to visit their Hudson Street, Trenton or Route 33 in Robbinsville locations. Tonight, we happened to visit their Robbinsville location as it was a little more convenient for the errands that we were running. As usual, we started off with the awesome antipasti, consisting of roasted red peppers, artichokes, stuffed peppers, fresh mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, salami, dates, and black olive. This is such a good appetizer, and always hits the spot as we are waiting for a pie. Two pies came out, one for Zelda with sweet peppers, and one with sausage and sweet peppers for me. For the record, one pie will easily satisfy the both of us, however, how can you not love leftover Delorenzos the following day? The crust on both pies was nice and crispy, and cooked perfectly. I think that the ovens have gotten better and better with time, and the seasoning in these ovens makes them come out just as good as their pies at the Hudson Street location. nice dark bubbles of air filled crust made their presence known on both pies, and that is never a bad thing. The sauce is nice and chunky, spooned onto the pie, and absolutely perfect. The things I would do to get this recipe for my own pies at home! It is so good! The cheese is always perfect and bubbly, and just the right amount sprinkled across the pies, before being topped with a bit of oil. As always, the ingredients were good and fresh, from the flavorful red and green sweet peppers, to Trenton's finest sausage. These ingredients could not pair any better together, and are just a joy. As always, the pies were worth the wait, and Sammy Amico and his staff did a great job. Sammy has put his heart and soul into this new location, and it has really paid off. We could not be any happier to see him succeed in such a tough economy, but when you do pies the way they do, how can they not succeed. What is there to say other than yet another perfect visit? Kudos to the team! Wine tonight was a 2004 Lillian Syrah, so be sure to read about that below! Cheers! -F. Scott De Lorenzo's Tomato Pies 2350 US Highway 33 Robbinsville, NJ 08691 Phone: (609)341-8480

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