Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rossi's Bar and Grill -Trenton, NJ

Tonight was just one of those nights that I was too lazy to even think about cooking anything after a long day, so a late dinner was in order. I definitely didn’t feel like fast food, so I took a little drive into lovely Trenton, and hit the ever reliable Rossi’s Tavern. On the way there, I had my heart set on the always delicious burger, but about 5 blocks from Rossi’s, I remember that I have been wanting to try the Roast Pork sandwich, so tonight was going to be the night.

I walked in, and saw the usual suspects sitting at the bar, and as always, Bob was working behind the bar. I immediately sat at my normal bar stool on the corner, ordered a Yuengling, and a roast pork sandwich with provolone cheese. In the meantime, I enjoyed some college basketball on one TV, and horse racing on the other TV. It’s hard to believe that pony season is already upon us, and I am looking forward to some trips to Monmouth Park this year, as well as Saratoga, and hopefully we can even make the “Arlington Million” this year at my home track just outside of Chicago.

Out came my pork sandwich, and like the burgers, it was big! I immediately cut it in half, and the aroma’s from the roast pork were great. You could definitely smell the herbs that the pork is cooked with, and I am guessing it has some rosemary, thyme, and in the mix. The provolone was nicely melted, and the roll was airy and crisp on top, while the bottom was just starting to absorb the juices. This was also accompanied by a cup of au jus on the side, which I didn’t think was necessary, but it did have nice flavors to it. Not being super hungry, I opted for fries on the side, instead of the usual chips I order.

The first bite was awesome and flavorful, and this is exactly what I expected from the first time that I saw this sandwich. The pork was tender, juicy, and exploding with flavors. The provolone was the perfect accompaniment, and the roll was of the perfect texture. The rosemary really comes through nicely with the pork, and the flavors all work so well together. As always, the fries were hot and crisp, and were perfect with a little salt and pepper.

Although this sandwich was perfect, I would really love to see what they could do with this pork in doing a bbq sandwich, which I don’t know if they do or not. The flavors and textures of the pork really reminded me of a pork sandwich that I love at The Texan BBQ in Algonquin, IL, so that is something I would like to inquire in. But at the same point, why ruin something that is already perfect?

All in all, another good night at Rossi’s, and another tasty meal. Maybe I need to get away from their sandwiches, and try some of their steaks, or better yet try the lamb! Time will tell, and the ever delicious Rossi’s saga will continue for many years to come. And as always, kudos to Bob for the great service behind the bar! Another good night, and another happy belly! Cheers! -F. Scott

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