Monday, May 26, 2008

2004 Augey Bordeaux

This was the second bottle of the night, opened for Arounkone after he made a visit to the bistro. This second wine followed the rose, but it seemed be be a decent progression.
The nose had some cherry, with hints of currant, spice, soil, and a touch of alcohol. On the palate, this wine was very thin, with hints of more red fruits, but nothing really stood out. The finish was very short, lasting maybe 10 seconds if that, but what do you want for around $7?
This was the second time we visited this wine, and it's a perfect guest wine towards the end of the night. I definitely would not recommend starting with a wine like this, but once everyone's palate's are shot, this is a good go to. 83 points. Cheers!


The Gourmez said...

I recently tried the 2007 vintage, and the fruit is a lot more present than in this vintage. In fact, it's like a complete switch--any spice notes were MIA. I quoted you on my review here.

NJFoodies said...

Thanks for the comment The Gourmez. It is fun to go back and read reviews and tasting notes, and to see different wines we have drank in the past, and to look at my writing style and descriptors used back then.

It is also nice to see how our styles really have not changed from that time period as well, and ho we still enjoy our Bordeaux, pinot noir, and cabernet. It's also nice to see how as of late I have had more of a swing towards syrah, and how it has really grown on me the last few years.

Another point worth making is in regards to purchases. I have found that now that we have a larger cellar with more wines, we have shifted away from more affordable daily drinkers, and have been drinking through those daily drinkers we have amassed over the years. Many of which we purchased for short term consumption, yet they are still in our cellar 2-4 years later.

I find today that we are buying many more bottles to cellar for years to come, and thanks (or no thanks) to CellarTracker, I can look and see that our per bottle average has risen dramatically, which is scary.

Maybe this is part of the reason that we are buying much less today, than we have say 2-4 years ago. Or maybe that says something aout the current economy. Food for thought. Cheers! -F. Scott

The Gourmez said...

I definitely haven't made the switch to collecting yet--I'll have to convince my finances I want to, eventually! For now, I'm separating the wheat from the chaff in the less than $10 bin.