Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vineyard 25 - vines are on their way!

Great news today from our good friend Paul Romero at Stefania Wines! Our syrah vines are on the way! Woo hoo!

Paul sent me an e-mail last night saying that our Syrah 373 vines are on the way, and that they are from root stocks 101-114. That is very exciting news, and I am very curious to see how these are going to thrive in New Jersey. These will arrive in Lambertville any day. From there, they will be soaked in water for 24 hours prior to planting, and then they will go in the ground.

You can see the area that we plan to plant these in on this picture. Is this the ideal place to plant them? Probably not, but we sure do think that it will be fun to see if we can really tend to the vines, get them growing well, and maybe even producing fruit in the next few years. If we can, then we'll see what progresses from there. Will we ever be able to grow enough grapes here to produce our own wine? Definitely not based on our space, but like I said, it is going to be a fun adventure!

Stay tuned to the latest from Vineyard 25. Thanks again Paul!

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