Thursday, May 22, 2008

Delorenzo's Tomato Pies - Route 33 Robbinsville, NJ

Another outstanding pie, or two at Delo's tonight! Upon arrival, we were told there would be a 30 minute wait tonight. If I had to guess, it wasn't more than 10 minutes, and we were seated promptly. It's great to see this location packed with a line of people waiting as usual, and good to see that those who are afraid to go support Hudson Street based on their opinions of Trenton coming out to support them here. Sure, this neighborhood is a lot safer, but the Hudson Street location is not that bad, and there are always police officers there ensuring everyone's safety. I really don't think this is necessary, but it is nice and reassuring for those who might be a little intimidated.

As usual, Sam greeted us while we waited, as well as when sat. As always, he was friendly, and he and his team are great people. Great staff with great food! Bonus!

Tony waited on us tonight, and came right over and opened up our 2005 Taz Fiddlestix pinot noir. Review on that to come as well! He took our order for the antipasti salad, as well as a large sausage and sweet pepper, and another large sweet pepper. This will leave for delicious leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

The antipasti came loaded up with cheese, fresh mozzarella, olives, roasted red peppers, salami, sesame bread sticks. This salad is huge and a meal in itself that could easily be a great snack for 4 people. So damn good, but so much food! Regardless, we ate a lot of it, and not enough of our tomato pies!

As always, our pies came and were absolutely gorgeous as seen at left. The sweet pepper is seen on the top, and my sausage and sweet pepper is on the bottom. These pies are absolutely perfect. Look at the nice bubbles, thin crust, and tasty cheese! YUM!
Tomato pie just doesn't not get any better than this. I've said it before, and I will say it again! Gary and Sam have it down to a science, and there is nobody that can even come close to duplicating these pies. From the crust, to the sauce, to the fresh sausage and other fresh ingredients, everything is first class.
The crust still is a little different from Hudson Street, but that is not a bad thing to say the least. I really think that it is the Trenton water. =) Regardless, it is just as good, just a tad different. Almost as though there is a little more air and density to it. The sausage and sweet peppers on the other hand were perfect. There is no other sausage like this on a pie in New Jersey. The sweet peppers are magnificent as well, and always taste as though they are right off of the vine.
All in all, another great meal at Delorenzo's with great food, great wine, and great service. Kudos as usual to Sam and his crew, and to Tony our waiter. Keep up the great work an outstanding pies!

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