Friday, May 23, 2008

Under the Moon - Bordentown, NJ

Another great meal at Under the Moon, and we were shocked to see the restaurant wide open, with the exception of "The Hoff's" inside, and two tables outside. It is however Memorial Day weekend, and Bordentown seems dead during this time. Great to see Estella and Fawn as usual. Estella even seemed to have some help in the kitchen, and was finally getting a chance to relax. Needless to say, she was watching the stove like a hawk, ensuring everything came out to her expectations. As usual, we started off with a few nice pieces of toasted bread, along with Estella's world famous chimichuri. God this stuff is so good, and I can't even begin to explain. I would love to have her recipe, and could eat this every day with some nice, warm bread. The Under the Moon house salad was next, with a nice balsamic dressing, and lots of fresh veggies. Great color on the tomatoes, with good iceberg lettuce, red onion, and cucumber, with a hint of dried herb. As usual, this is the perfect starter, and comes with most entrees. It's delicious! Tonight Zelda ordered the seafood risotto with scallops and salmon. This looked and smelled gorgeous, and the risotto was cooked to absolute perfection. Hints of roasted red pepper, topped with freshly shaved Parmesan made it absolutely perfect! I was torn between the shrimp ravioli with mama's famous "pink sauce," but instead opted for the cheese tortellini with grilled chicken as I figured this would be more filling. I was correct, and it was fabulous. The pesto is awesome, and you can tell how fresh it is. you could smell the basil 10 feet from the table, with tons of garlic as well. It paired perfectly with the chicken, and I just could not get enough on the tortellini. YUM! We ended up skipping dessert tonight, which is very rare for u at Under the Moon, but we just didn't have the room in our stomachs, and actually brought leftovers home. That said, another great dinner in the "Little City with a lot of Charm." Kudos to Luigi and Estella, and we'll see you soon!

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