Thursday, February 25, 2010

New York Times Interview

UPDATE: Just a quick update hear from the original posting on 25 JANUARY 2010: This interview took place, a week or so after this initial post, and she asked us some interesting questions about why we blog, our restaurant experiences, etc. I think that everything went very well, and was very interesting to say the least. Today, I received a phone call letting us know that the article will be published on the March 7th, 2010 issue! Yeah! We are definitely looking forward to this, and hopefully everything said sounds great! Yikes! We're definitely looking forward to this, so thanks a million for all of the e-mails, and for following along with this story! Cheers! ORIGINAL POST: I am very flattered to say, that today I received an e-mail from the New York Times, and it looks as though tomorrow I am going to do an interview with one of the Times writers who is doing an article on their dining page about food bloggers in New Jersey. She would like to talk to me about reviewing restaurants in New Jersey, and I truly think that we will add some great information to this article.
Let me just say that I am absolutely honored that they are considering us, and we look forward to participating in this article.
Stay tuned as this unique privilege unfolds! Thanks for tuning in, and as always, cheers!


Anonymous said...

Were you ever interviewed, and If so, when is te article going to be published

NJFoodies said...

I was indeed interviewed, and am expecting another call back from Tammy La Gorce. I am expecting a call back from her, and she is also going to talk to Zelda to get some thoughts for her. She said at the time that it would be a few weeks before the article will go to print, so at this point it's a waiting game. Regardless, any press is good press, and we look forward to it! Thanks for checking in, and thanks for asking! Just out of curiosity, how did you find our blog? Cheers!

Anonymous said...

From the Parker BB, and I live in Red Bank.

Good luck with it all.

NJFoodies said...

Thanks a million for stopping by! Unfortunately, I don't have the time I used to, but I still try to check in on the Parker Board once a week or so to chime in and to read tasting notes from others. Still a great board with great information, and it's always nice to see notes on wines that we have.

I will defintely update the site as soon as I know more on the article. Hopefully something becomes of it.

What are some of your favorite BYO's in the Red Bank area? I was working out that way for a while at "The Fort," and had some great lunches in the area.

Anonymous said...


I liked Sogno-gone now

But a great place, which is not byob, is Undici in Rumson-pricey but they have a half price wine by the glass night on Thursdays.

Navesink Fishery in Atlantic Highlands or Rays seafood in Little Silver are great BYOB places.


NJFoodies said...

I have had lunch at Ray's in Little Silver and enjoyed it. It was so close going out the back gate of Fort Monmouth. Also enjoyed Table for lunch, but it then closed. I forget the name of the place that replaced Table, but they had a nice Kobe burger at lunch. Very enjoyable. Little Silver is a neat little town with a few good restaurants all within a stones throw of each other.

What are your thoughts on Red or Basil T?

Anonymous said...

I have not been to Red bud have heard great things.

Basil's is cool-drink beer there-beyond that not certain-but the owners brother owns the place Undici in Rumson-

Foody4life said...

Big congrats on the upcoming article! Well deserved and look forward to it. As one whose been interviewed and had articles published (work related) be prepared for the inevitable twisting of your thoughts & words. However, any ink is good ink - especially when it's from the NYT's!

NJFoodies said...

Thanks Foody4Life! I am excited to see us in print for sure! Just hope I didn't say anything stupid! LOL! We'll find out on Sunday! Cheers!

Nick - Artisan Vineyards said...

That is very exciting!!! Make sure to remind us in a couple days when it's published! It will be exciting to read. :)