Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rossi's Bar & Grill - Trenton, NJ

Yeah, I know, what else is there to say? Another early night, and another great burger at Rossi's in Trenton. Went for the burger with Swiss cheese, bacon, and grilled onion, cooked medium, and once again it was perfect. Great burger, incredible homemade chips, and another great meal at Rossi's! I just cannot stay away from this place, and it's such a good burger! Make the trip! It's a Trenton staple, and well worth the ride! And the dining room was absolutely packed tonight, yet it still took less than 10 minutes to get my chow on! How can you not love this place! Great pre-surgery food! Cheers! -F. Scott PS: for our new readers, make sure you scroll down to see some of my other reviews from Rossi's in the last few weeks!

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