Friday, February 5, 2010

2005 Sea Smoke Southing

Unfortunately, I wasn't sure what we were gong to drink tonight meeting up with some friends, so there was no time to decant this. We ended up bring 4 bottles to chose from, and I think that this would benefit from a 2-6 hour decant. Gorgeous dark, jammy ruby color in the glass. On the nose, this wine is very fragrant with some cherries and spice, as well as a medley of black fruits. There was still a bit of alcohol on the nose, and nice oak notes with some vanilla and cedar.
On the palate, this wine is still young, and still tight from the get go, but again, this could have used a nice long decant, or a vigorous decant. Some cherry shined through on the palate, with a nice strawberry and spice. The acidity is definitely there, with some minerality to it, as well as some tannin.
On the finish, you definitely notice the tannin, and a bit of heat from the alcohol. The finish does linger for a good 20-40 seconds, but I think that this wine still needs some more time. It's been 2 1/2 years since we have drank this vintage, and we'll definitely hold our remaining '05 Southing's for another 2-3 years before revisiting. This wine has everything there to be great, but has to lay sideways a bit more for everything to integrate. No score right now as I don't think it is showing it's potential. Cheers!

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