Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rossi's Bar & Grill - Trenton, NJ

Don't try to adjust your monitor's folks, yes, I was at Rossi's again this month, and what is there to say about Rossi's other than yum? Wednesday night seems to prove to be a great night to go out and have some good cuisine and try places that are close by. Tonight proved no differently, so Professor P., if you're reading, keep letting us out of class early on so I can imbibe in some good local cuisine! LOL! ;-)

Got to Rossi's and grabbed my corner seat and ordered a Yuengling from John behind the bar. Immediately ordered a bacon cheddar burger, medium, with homemade chips on the side at the recommendation of my good bicycling pal Gary.

Sat and watched the Olympics for a while, and not even 10 minutes later out came my burger, with a monster basket full of chips. Good lord the chips are a meal in themselves! Cut the burger in half, dumped a bit of Heinz ketchup on it, and some more ketchup on the plate for the chips.

First thing I noticed about the burger is the fact that it was even bigger than the last one. They obviously do not weigh their meat, and they could careless how big your burger is, and trust me when I say that they are big! The last one I had was big, but this was absolutely massive.

Once again, cooked perfect to the temp of medium, and once again, absolutely delicious, and absolutely tasty. The cheddar was bubbling, and the bacon was crisp, and there was nothing at all to complain about.

As for the chips, holy heaven on this lovely my readers! These chips were hot, and they were dry! How they keep this mountain of fried potato love from being greasy is beyond me, but these alone are worth the trip to Trenton. They were nicely fried, some lighter than others, yet some a nice golden russet brown. YUM! I ended up bringing half of them home in a giant brown paper bag, and I will be curious to see how they are tomorrow warmed up.

So once again my dear readers, to the above right is a nice picture of some lovely "beef porn" as those in the industry love to say, and I hope that it has your mouths watering. This is by far the best burger in New Jersey, and I highly recommend that anyone make he drive, whether it be 2 minutes, or two hours. You will not be disappointed!

Sorry for double posts on Rossi's within the same month, but this is a burger that just deserves to be talked about. Let the "nay-sayers" say their "nay's," but I am a fan of Rossi's for life. And as last time, give it up to Bob behind the bar for keeping the beer cold, and the bar happy!

One observation that I made is the simple fact that the roast pork sandwich looks absolutely ridiculous. As much as I would hate to go to Rossi's and not order a burger, the roast pork looks like a must try! The gauntlet has been laid down, so stay tuned for the next adventure to try to roast pork in the Rossi's saga! Cheers! -F. Scott

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