Sunday, February 28, 2010

Braddock's Tavern - Medford, NJ

No trip to Medford, NJ is complete without a trip to Braddock's Tavern for lunch. So after working up an appetite at the Carriage Trade Cheese Shoppe, we walked across the street to Braddock's for lunch off of their pub menu. But if you have the chance, check them out for dinner as well as this is a great dining spot! Zelda's parents joined us today, and we walked in and grabbed a nice 4 top in the pub. First thing I noticed was that the pub had been remodeled a bit, with a wall taken down, and it just looks like there is more room. The bar itself looks a bit different as well, and looks a lot brighter than I remember it being. The new owners definitely did some work on the place when they took over, and it looks as though they did a nice job! The bartender came over and greeted us with water and menu's, and cocktails were in order, ranging from glasses of cabernet sauvignon, to a glass of prosecco. Having a big dinner planned, we opted for the pub menu, as not to fill up. Unfortunately, I filled up anyway, but what can you do. Looks like we're in for a dinner later than usual tonight, but is that such a bad thing? Our server came over, and it seemed like we were all on the same page today with burgers. I opted for the Braddock's Tavern Burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, and sauteed onions, while Zelda opted for the turkey burger. Other burgers at the table included the Tavern Burger, as well as the veggie burger. My burger came out, and was cooked to order medium. It was served on a nice bun, with a heaping mound of bacon and onions. There was also lettuce, tomato, and raw onion, which was definitely overkill and removed. I also ordered the french fries on the side, which were cooked to a crispy golden brown, yet soft and delicious in the middle. These were also sprinkled with a sea salt that was a really nice touch. Zelda's turkey burger came out nice and juicy, nicely cooked, and it just looked darn tasty. Zelda's Dad's burger was also cooked nicely, and her Mom opted for the veggie burger, composed of a grilled portabella mushroom, roasted red peppers, spinach, and provolone cheese. I am all about the meat, and not a big mushroom fan, but this sure looked tasty! In short, everyone enjoyed their burgers were good, and while it was no Rossi burger, it sure was tasty on a different scale. From the bun, to the fries, it was done nicely. There was also a nice crowd in Braddock's today, ranging from other tables in the pub, to a few customers at the bar, including one of my fellow co-workers who happened to be there. So if you get a chance, check out downtown Medford, take a walk, do some shopping, and check out some of their nice restaurants. I think you'll enjoy your trip! Cheers! -F. Scott 39 South Main Street Medford NJ, 08055 Phone: 609.654.1604 Fax: 609.654.8180

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