Sunday, February 21, 2010

What is your "go to" wine glass

You've all heard me talk about wine glasses a million times, but I have never really asked the question as to what your "go to" wine glass is. For us, it really depends on what wine we are drinking. We do drink a ton of pinot noir, and most of the time when drinking pinot we'll use the Riedel Vinum Burgundy glass, or the Riedel Oregon pinot noir glass, also called the XL. If it's a tasting we are going to with the other oenophiles and we're dinking pinot noir or Burgundy, our go to glass is the Riedel Sommeliers Bourgogne (Burgundy) Grand Cru Glass, which is an absolutely gorgeous glass! When going out with friends however, these Burgundy glasses listed above are a bit hard to transport with their larger bowls, and it really is hard to fit 4 in the Riedel carrying case. So for Valentine's Day this year, Zelda picked up 6 of the Riedel Grape Syrah glasses for me from William-Sonoma, and these are the perfect glasses to transport to a tasting or a BYO. Like other Riedel glasses, these have the very nice thin rim that you just want to bite, as well as a nice bowl. I find that this bowl works well for both white wines, as well as red wines. The bowl is sleek shaped, and comes to a point at the bottom, which adds a very nice element when there is wine in the glass. In my opinion, this is a great all around glass for anything from syrah, to cabernet and Bordeaux, to Burgundy and pinot noir, to chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. It's just a good all around glass, and it won't break the bank at $35 a piece. So that being said, what is your go to glass? Cheers! -F. Scott


South Jersey Wine and Dine said...

F. Scott

Just wanted to caution you against biting the edge of your wine glass. It's not a flavor component one might want to add to the wine.

Also, you are one prolific writer; you will skip a day or two and then "bam", two, three or four posts, all in a row. Good job!

I did not know you were Filipino.

Salamat Po!


NJFoodies said...

Frank: LOL @ the biting of the glass. I'd never do it, but you know you want to with these thin rims. Always a funny topic of conversation.

Thanks for the compliments, and I really enjoy your BLOG as well, and will cross reference your blog on here hopefully by the weekend.

Filipino's! Power to the people! Cheers!