Friday, February 19, 2010

Dublin Square Pub - Bordentown, NJ

If there is one thing that I crave during Lent, it is fish and chips on a Friday night when we aren't supposed to be eating the meat. That said, tonight we to Dublin Square Pub in Bordentown, NJ, to have a few pints of Guiness, and to enjoy some fish and chips. We met our friends Charnel and Abbie at Dublin Square tonight, and I enjoyed a few black and tans, while Zelda enjoyed her Tanqueray and tonics. Dublin Square was packed tonight, so we hung out at the bar for a while. As we walked in, there were masses of people waiting for tables, so a few beers were definitely in order while we waited for a table. Owner Mike got us a table right next to the bar, and we ordered, and I'd have to guess not even 10 minutes went by before a nice helping of fish and chips came out. Two big pieces of cod, in their signature black and tan beer breading, served over a heaping helping of french fries, and served with homemade tarter sauce. The fish was nice and crispy as always, and was not greasy in the least. It was fried through perfectly, and the mat vinegar complimented it nicely. Unfortunately, the fries left a little to be desired, were a bit saggy, and not exactly hot, but I only eat a few anyway, so it wasn't worth sending them back. Had they been hot, and fresh out of the oil, I am sure they would have been tasty. Regardless, for $13.95, this is still a good deal, and a nice sized portion. So Jersey, if you're looking for fish and chips, stop by Dublin Square and give them a try. Sure, Irish pubs aren't known for their fare and cuisine, but this is not your typical Irish Pub. Also check them out on Wednesday night for trivia night, and on the weekends for their live bands, which usually have some sort of Irish influence. Cheers! -F. Scott

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