Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Cool Cricket - Fieldsboro, NJ

It's not often that I put a bar review on the BLOG, and this might even be a first, but I think that The Cool Cricket deserves a spot based on the single fact that it's a great family owns the place, and it's a fun place to hang out. Technically speaking, it's really not just a bar, as they have a full menu, and a heck of a great pizza!
Prior to The Cool Cricket coming to 4th Street in Fieldsboro, NJ this location was home to a couple different establishments. The current owners of the Cool Cricket bought the place just over a year ago now, and have turned it into a great local spot, with good live music, and some of the best karaoke around on Friday nights, hosted by Championship Sound Productions, and usually hosted by Robert Cooper.
We stopped in for a few cocktails after dinner on Friday night, and being of Filipino decent, you know how we like to sing, so I busted out a selection of tunes from The Goo Goo Dolls, Rob Thomas, Fuel, Matchbox 20, and Bon Jovi. Yes, Bon Jovi! LOL! But hey, the Bon Jovi was for Captain Phil Harris of The Cornelia Marie. R.I.P. Captain Phil! I will raise a crab leg to you every time I eat crabs legs from now on. One of the great things about The Cool Cricket is the acoustics. Whether your there for karaoke, or to see a live band on a Saturday night, the place sounds awesome, and the acoustics are second to none! Enough about me, let's talk about this entertainment mecca! .
First and foremost, this is a great family owned and operated establishment. Bob is the owner and father, and his daughter Kristen and her husband Steve are also owners. They do a great job keeping the drinks coming, the beers cold, and making sure that their customers are happy! They truly are a nice family, and it's nice to find a good family run establishment in the area. They also employ a nice staff to help out behind the bar, and in the kitchen, and from a service standpoint, it's second to none. Brenna and Bill do a great job in the kitchen!
We we stopped in The Cool Cricket for the first time about a year ago, and the first thing that we noticed was that the interior had been remodeled from when we visited years ago when it was under a different name and ownership. The dark, dirtiness of the old bar is gone, and they have added vibrant colors, cleaned up the bar, and added some great flat screen TVs, that might just be the best picture quality TVs of any bar in the area. Or maybe it is just the dim lighting inside that makes the picture look so darn good! Regardless, the TVs were perfect a few weeks ago for The Super Bowl, and the free buffet they featured was a treat, as well as the many raffles and giveaways!
As for the bar, they have all the good high end alcohol you are looking for at some of the best prices of the bars in the area. We've visited many different establishments in this area, and their prices on drinks are better than competitive! Unlike some of our local bars in this area, you won't be paying Manhattan prices for your martini's here, and that is a good thing. As for the beers, The Cool Cricket Offers 10 different beers on tap, ranging from Blue Moon to Guiness to Yuengling, with your Buds, Coors, Sam Adams, and Molsen in between. They also have dozen of bottled beers, as well as the Mike's Hard drinks, Twisted Tea, etc. Great drinks, at great prices! What more could you ask for?
As for the menu, I can't say that we have had a ton of food off of their menu, but the items we have had have been good. This is not your typical bar food folks, and I have to say, that their pizza is an absolute treat. We actually ordered a bar pie late Friday night, and it hit the spot!
So here it is Sunday, and we were going to go out to Delorenzo's tonight, but instead our plans changed, so we opted to order pies from The Cool Cricket, and once again, they didn't let us down! Not only are the pies massive, they are also delicious! For a snack, the bar pie is the perfect size, but the large pie will easily feed 3 people with no problem.
Tonight, we opted for two of the regular sized pies, and we'll be eating lunch and dinner for the next week! These things are big! I opted for the sausage, and Zelda went for the cheese. Again, nice crisp crust, with good cheese, a great sauce, and really nice spices. There is something about the sauce that gives it such a nice flavor, and I would love to have the recipe! YUM! All in all, I have a happy belly, and the pies were tasty! And there's plenty leftover for lunch and dinner tomorrow!
So in short, The Cool Cricket is worth a trip on a Friday night if you are looking to bust out a few tunes at karaoke to the masses, and they also get some great bands in there on Saturday nights. If nothing else, stop in for a beer one day after around of golf, and sit down to a pizza or a cheese steak. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, and Bob and his family are just nice people to sit down and chat with, so make sure you tell them that we sent ya! They may not recognize us as F. Scott and Zelda, but tell them John and Kate sent you and they'll know who you are talking about! Yes, that picture is from Halloween 2009 as we played "The Gosselin's!" And yes, I am sportin' the Ed Hardy T!
Kudos again to The Cool Cricket for giving their locals a nice place to hang out at, with good affordable food and drinks. Cheers gang! -F. Scott
The Cool Cricket
216 4th Street
Fieldsboro, NJ 08505
Phone: (609)291-9110
Also be sure to check out their Facebook page at:

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