Saturday, February 6, 2010

Anyone who loves to cook knows how nice it is to have access to a local gourmet shop, however, a good gourmet shop in your local area can be hard to come by! Until now!

Let me introduce you to, an awesome gourmet shop online owned by Jeff Pfohl. Gourmet-Delights may not necessarily be local, but with an online store and shipping across the country, who needs a local store when you can have everything delivered directly to your home. You have got to love mail order!

I discovered via the frequent Wine Message Boards that I frequent, and became really intrigued when I saw that they carry fresh truffles, shipped directly from France. Many people will travel to France when they are in season just to taste these delectable treats! works directly with the farm in France to acquire these truffles, so there is no middle man. What does that mean? Well, it means that you are buying straight from the source, which saves you a bundle! We all know how expensive truffles can be, if we can even find them in a store in our area.

Jeff sells his truffles for $119.95 an ounce, and sells them in 1oz increments. You might think that this is crazy, however, in doing a search online, I discovered that this is by far the best deal out there for fresh truffle.

Not only does sell truffle, but they also have a wide array of other awesome goods. Some items that we ordered recently include fresh olive oil, that will be shipping in March of 2010, and will be a 2009 vintage, as well as Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Black Truffle , Pecatti di Ciacco Alba White Truffle Oil, and Black Winter Truffle Salt . In using the truffle salt today on a pizza, it added a really nice earthy element to the pie, and smells absolutely heavenly. This is such a great product, and something that we will stock in the pantry at all times. I look forward to trying this on anything from popcorn, to using it to season steaks, chicken, and other foods. This is heaven!

Some other items of interest to me include: Saffron & Salt , Veleta Saffron , I Peccati di Ciacco Black Truffle Honey , Griottines, and Belazu Balsamic Vinegar just to name a few things.

That being said, check out, and let me know what you think. Not only do they carry some awesome items, but they also have incredible customer service, not only from the e-mails I received from them, but even to the follow up phone call I received to see what I thought about the products that I have ordered. This is a great resource to have at your disposal, and I look forward to doing much business with them in the future! Cheers!

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