Saturday, June 7, 2008

2006 Cloudline Pinot Noir

Another decent Willamette Valley pinot noir, but what do you expect? Unfortunately, this was not showing as well as the 2005 that we had at Witherspoon Grill last week, which is actually surprising. More people are laying their '05's down for a few years, and drinking their 06's now as they are drinking better younger. I don't think that was the case with this wine in particular, but who knows.
Regardless, some black cherry and spice on the nose. Maybe a few hints of other red fruits, but the cherry was by far the only thing that stood out to me. It also didn't have that same, prevalent smell that you can usually recognize of Willamette Valley, so who knows.
On the palate, I don't think this wine was at all fruit forward. Maybe it is in a weird stage, or maybe we just got a few great glasses from the '05, and that we shouldn't expect much from this wine. For the price, I really wouldn't expect a ton, but it was still good. Subtle cherry on the palate, with a bit of strawberry jam, some spice, and forest floor.
Very short finish with very little complexity, but it was still an easy drinker. This might still need some time in the bottle. 86 points.

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