Friday, June 20, 2008

A Busy Night in Bordentown, NJ

It was night of gorgeous weather tonight, so what better place to visit than "the little city with a lot of charm." Upon arriving in Downtown Bordentown, there was a buzz about Farnsworth Avenue. All the stores were open late tonight, with lights on and front doors open. The streets were a mob scene, and the people were wandering, window shopping, and waiting for tables at the many Bordentown establishments. Crowds were gathered outside the Farnsworth Gallery, some waiting to enjoy their dinner next door at Toscano Ristorante, others just browsing the artwork and enjoying good conversation. John Wehrman and Officer Gary Rutherford greeted us, and we talked for a few minutes about the normal stuff....Bordentown, work, weather, etc. Inside the gallery you could see folks talking and looking at the various paintings that coat the walls from floor to ceiling. Colorful martinis, bubbly champagne, and red, white, and rose colored wines wandered the gallery with a friendly chatter that is only Bordentown. As we continued down Farnsworth, it was nice to see the new framing and antique shop buzzing as well, with their moon shaped bench out front, and colorful decorations in the window. From here we looked inside Silk and Tweed, where Mak was celebrating the 3 year anniversary of her store in Bordentown. An older woman browsed the jewelry case in front of the register as Mak boxed something up, and wrapped it with a grassy papered ribbon and bow. From here we looked next door at Personables where Zelda saw something in the window that caught her eye before continuing down Farnsworth Ave. Across the street the Artful Deposit also had a gaggle of people out front, talking on the corner, and you could see smiling faces and pointing fingers appreciating the old construction in Bordentown. People were pointing to the many old structures, and just taking in the gorgeous sites and weather. Shoppe 202 was also celebrating their anniversary tonight, 15 years in Bordentown. Congratulations to Tom and Pete! We ran into many friends here, and the Shoppe was at full capacity. More red and white wine was flowing here as well, along with some Cosmo's and other flavored martinis. We ran into many friend and neighbors up here tonight, Nancy Minnick, David and Sherry Gutierrez, and others. It's great to see people supporting these stores, helping the downtown become a great area to shop, and supporting the local businesses. Both women's stores were packed today, first was Necessities for the Heart, packed with women looking at "Betsyville" purses, and trying on big, colorful hats that you would see at the Kentucky Derby. As we walked by the deck at Marcello's, we saw Dee and Tracy enjoying some sangria at the outdoor bar, where every stool was full. The tables on the deck were also full of diners enjoying their Italian fare. Next we passed Loretta C. Boutique, the new women's boutique, located in the old Miller McGowan men's store, and you could see the women browsing their different dresses and accessories. Next door, Colonial Delights had a few people wandering the store, eyeing up their different cookies, biscuits, chocolates, and other gourmet items. Check them out sometime as they have some great hard to find cookies and crackers! Upon continuing on passed Oliver-A Bistro, you could see 2 or 3 open tables, with people standing out front looking at the menu. It is always great to see Oliver's filled, and Bruce and the staff working hard. We love this restaurant! From there, we walked down the street toward Tsukasa, and you could see that every table outside of Jester's Cafe was occupied, with people sitting out enjoying good conversation and dinner. The bar looked packed, and there were some diners inside as well. From here, we continued to Tsukasa for dinner, and you can read the review for that as well. In short, it was a beautiful night to visit Bordentown, and it is nice to see the city hopping with all kinds of foot traffic. If you have never been to Bordentown, check it out sometime. It's a great little city, with a few good restaurants, and plenty of stores with browsing!

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