Friday, June 6, 2008

Tsukasa Japanese Restaurant - Bordentown, NJ

I know what you're thinking, these two eat at the same places all the time! Well, not entirely true, but with the heat, we didn't feel like going too far, and sushi was just thing thing to satisfy our cravings on a very hot Jersey night in June. It was the perfect night for a New Zealand sauvignon blanc blanc, and what better to pair it with than sushi! See the review above for the Silver Beach sauvignon blanc that we enjoyed very much with our sushi!

Only two other tables in the restaurant when we arrived, but for the most part, it seemed as all of Bordentown was pretty slow. We really love visiting Bordentown for dinner since it is so close by, and it is a pleasure to frequent the many different restaurants there. Especially the 3 different BYO's that we frequent the most.

As usual, the family at Tsukasa was friendly, with Mom in the back kitchen cooking, Dad rolling away at the sushi bar, and their son taking care of the front of house waiting tables. These people are so nice, and we really look forward to seeing their business grow. That being said, if you live in Bordenown, you really need to support the the best you can. B-Town needs this restaurant, and right now I really think that the town is supporting them which is great.

Tonight we started off with edamame which is was no surprise, and nothing out of the norm. They came out nice and hot, and came out in a bowl that was yet anoter generoud portion. Lightly sprinkled with sea salt, you just cannot taste this tasty treat. Who would have thought that soy beans would taste so good, and make for such a tasty treat!

We opted yet again for sushi, and I know, we really need to try some of their hot teriyaki or tempura dinners or combination boxes. Their sushi is just so hard to pass up!

We ordered the usuals again, so I won't bore you with the desciptions again, but we had two tempura rolls, a Philly roll, spicy tuna roll, salmon and avocado roll, and a California roll. As usual, the did not disappoint, with great, fresh fish and vegetables. What can we say, another great meal in Bordentown!

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