Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vineyard 25 - The Reality is Here!

After a couple of weeks of buildup, thanks to our good friendPaul Romero at Stefania Wines, Vineyard 25 is now becoming a reality. Yesterday, 7 syray 373 vines, clones 101-14 arrived in Lambertville at Pure Energy Bicycle Shop and Java House. Arounkone brought them home for me yesterday, and I picked them up from his house when I got home tonight.

Per Paul's recommendation, they are getting an overnight, 24 hour soak in water before I pick the perfect place to plant them in our yard. Hopefully they will grow and thrive here in New Jersey, but time will definitely tell.
As you can see in the pictures, the vines look as they they are in good shape. The rootstocks themselves look very strong, and are in great shape. The vines are a little on the dry side, but what do you expect after a coast to coat trip in a cardboard box? I'm sure that after a 24 hour soak, they will be rejuvenated, and ready to start growing.
Special thanks again to Paul and Stefania, and I look forward to your input, and to keeping you updated on how your babies are doing here in New Jersey! More to come as Vineyard 25 progresses! Cheers

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