Sunday, June 8, 2008

Vineyard 25 - The Vines Are In the Ground!

Nothing better than a little sweat "in the vineyard" on a Sunday afternoon when the temperature was hovering around 97 degrees in lovely, NJ!

After going back and forth on just where exactly I was going to plant the syrah, I finally decided to dig out a new bed towards the back of the yard, where the yard gets some great sun.

K-Fed and M-Dog had the 100 foot sugar gum tree taken down yesterday, so it was time to get these gorgeous rootstocks in the ground. Per Paul's suggestion, the rootstocks got a nice soak in water. He suggested 24 hours, and they got a bit more than that, and hopefully that will be OK.

It was a lot work today in the hot sun, digging up the bed, removing the grass, and taking a wheel barrel full of debris over to the field to dump. I dug up the ground a good 8-12 inches below the surface, and turned the dirt over many times to get it good and mixed up. From there, I put down 4 large bags of organic soil, to give it a nice look, and hopefully the vines will grow, thrive, and eventually produce some good fruit in this soil. From there, who knows what will happen, but maybe there is a good chance that we can grow some good grapes right here in New Jersey!

Stay turned for the latest and greatest from Vineyard 25, and for the rest of our backyard and landscaping adventures in our little backyard, in the "Little City with a lot of Charm!" More to come in the future, and we look forward to it! Cheers

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