Saturday, June 21, 2008

Crab's Claw Inn "On the Side" - Lavalette, NJ

After a quick stop at B&B in Lavalette for new bathing suits, we took a walk down to the Crab's Claw Inn for some lunch. It's been years since we visited the Crab's Claw in, and we used to frequent here for karaoke with Dave from Kamikaze On Fire.
Today we sat out on the bistro along the sidewalk, and it was a great day to sit outside and see the traffic go by, and just enjoy being "down the shore."
We both ordered the fish and chips today, and it came with a soup, as well as a salad. We both opted for the seafood chowder, for an extra 1.29 supplemental fee. Well worth it in my opinion. The chowder had a nice base, not to thick, with lots of clams, salmon, shrimp, potato, and celery. This was a great chowder with good favor, seasoned very well, and only needed the smallest shake of pepper to make it outstanding. We both opted to skip the salad.
The fish and chips came out, and was a healthy portion with 3 pieces, and more fries that I could eat. The batter was wonderful and light, and I am not sure what kind of fish it was, but it sure reminded me of tilapia. You could tell that the fish was breaded and cooked to order, and was perfectly paired with a side of tarter sauce.
All in all a great meal with a nice view, seeing the locals travel up and down the local area, visiting the stores, and doing some shopping. Only complaints were that the service could have been a bit more friendly, and there is a big level of uneveness out front where they have the tables. The tables slant from the front of he restaurant towards the street, and it almot gives you a feeling of sickness in your stomach. Aside from that, the food was great.

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