Thursday, June 5, 2008

Red Car Wine Company - RELEASE ALERT

Hot off the press:
2006 The Fight Syrah - 3pack, $162.00 ea. (allocated 2)
2006 The Fight Syrah - 1.5L Mag, $150.00 ea. (wishlist)
2007 Tomorrowland Syrah - 3pack, $150.00 ea. (allocated 2)
2007 Tomorrowland Syrah - 1.5L Mag, $140.00 ea. (wishlist)

I was allocated 2 each of the 3 pack, and can wish list mags with purchase of at least one 3 pack. Would love to purchase, but just don't think that this is in the cards after an expensive Spring mailer season.

Regardless, people love these wines, and they are worth checking out. If you're not currently on their list, check them out at:

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