Sunday, June 1, 2008

Riedel Vinum Oregon Pinot Noir Wine Glasses

Are you looking for the perfect glass for your Oregon pinot noir? After many years of the Oregon pinot producers asking, Riedel finally came to their rescue, with the Vinum XL 6416/67, designed specifically for pinot noir from Oregon.

As stated on Riedel's website: Created during several workshops with the famed Oregon Producers, the shape clearly shows the fresh compact fruit of North West Pinot Noir and highlights the irresistible sweetness, whilst perfectly balancing the acidity and de-emphasizing the alcohol to create a perfect picture of the wine. Or, in the words of Georg Riedel, this new line is "the perfect Oregon Pinot Noir Dream Glass". Recommended for: Pinot Noir.

Zelda got me a set of these for my birthday, and as with any Riedel, they are gorgeous! The crystal on these glasses is great, but what makes Riedel so special is the very thin rim on the glass. As we've heard many times, you just want to bite the rim to see what happens because they are so thin. Of course, we don't do that, but it makes you wonder!

Riedel's overall have been good to us, and we have only suffered a few casualties. They seem to be made very well, and for as delicate as they feel, they are surprisingly durable. If you have the means and appreciate good wines, I highly recommend Riedel stems! Cheers!

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