Saturday, September 11, 2010

2008 Stefania Syrah Eaglepoint Ranch

If I remember correctly, Paul said something to the effect that there was not much of this wine this year. Or maybe the vineyard didn't yield as much fruit as in years past, though I can't remember for sure. I also remember him saying something to the effect that a lot of this went into the 2008 Haut Tubee blend as well because he wasn't happy with all of the oak that the new barrel had added to the blend.
Popped and poured at our home with Paul, Stef, and guests tonight. Deep dark color in the glass, and the darkest of the syrah I think so far (first vintage being the 2005). Super sweet nose of cherries and berries, with some spice and subtle hints of black pepper. This has the same sweetness on the nose that the Haut Tubee had, and this is another reason I think that Paul made a mention that a lot of this went into the Haut Tubee. I will have to verify with him to be sure.
On the palate, this is already drinking very nicely. I absolutely loved the 2007, and with time, I think that this will be every bit as good. It is almost like a broken record every time I try a new vintage, as I think Paul's winemaking skills are getting better and better. More black cherry and jammy black and red fruits on the palate. As I've said before, the spice does not overwhelm the palate or the finish on this wine, and this could be why Stefania makes one of my favorite syrah's. A little alcohol on the finish, and plenty of tannin that will settle with some bottle time.
All in all, another solid offering, and like the '07's, I can see us burning through a lot of these pretty quick. No score, but again, easily a 90+ point wine!

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