Thursday, September 23, 2010

Trenton Kebab House - Trenton, NJ

Well, I had to take a spin into Lambertville to hit Pure Energy Cycling and Java House, and on my way home I was contemplating what I really wanted to eat for dinner since Zelda was stuck in meetings tonight. I contemplated Marhaba in Lambertville, as well as Rick's, and the bar at Anton's at the Swan. Nothing really sounded all that great to me, and I didn't want to snub Zelda by having a great meal when she was probably stuck eating nasty warm sandwiches in her meeting, so I started heading towards home.

Cruising down Route 29 towards Route 1, I thought about stopping at "It's Nutt's" just to see if maybe they had a decent burger, but that didn't sound all that good either. If I wanted a burger, Rossi's could technically be on the way home, so I could have stopped there. But then I remembered the Trenton Kebab House, and that was my destination.
Pulled up, walked in, and saw 3 other tables in the joint tonight. This is obviously more of a lunch destination with Trenton, as well as NJ State employees, but I am thankful that they are open for dinner too until 8PM so I actually have a chance to get over here.

Ordered my usual gyro with no lettuce, sauce on the side, and fries. Grabbed a Welch's grape juice out of their cooler, paid, and sat. I saw the gentleman on the line drip the fries into the fryer, and saw his who I am assuming his father sharpening the knife used to shave the gyro meat off the spit.

About 5 minutes later, out came my sandwich, and once again, perfection! I really wish more places in NJ would embrace gyro's, and sell the real deal, not that processed, flat, warmed on a flat top meat that just doesn't have the same flavor. This was again perfection, with nice meat, that was grilled just house it should be on the rotisserie, then shaved off and stuffed in a pita. The think slived red onion was fresh and vibrant, and the thin sliced tomatoes were nice as well. My only complaint is the sauce, and it needs some work, but maybe that is how they do it on the East Coast. Ours in Chicago however was a little different.

But even so, the sauce is good enough, and the Trenton Kebab House still has my vote as the best gyro in New Jersey! Best one that I have had anyway! How about you? Who serves your favorite gyro? Let me know so I can give it a whirl! Cheers! -F. Scott

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Anonymous said...

so when ARE you going to try Rick's? Arounkone is a friend of ours and we are sponsors of Pure Energy's racing team so i hope you can find time to stop in sometime for dinner! food's pretty decent too...
dana and alex cormier
Rick's Restaurant