Tuesday, September 14, 2010

M. Étain - From the Makers of Scarecrow

Leave it to Mimi DeBlasio and Bret Lopez to create another instant cult classic!  From the markers of Scarecrow, here comes their second label, which translate means something to the effect of "Tin Man."  There has actually be talks of this wine since the first or second vintage, and now, the wait is finally over!  This obviously continues the Wizard of Oz tradition started by Scarecrow, and yet another wine that we will be interested to try if we are allocated any!  We'll see! 

Below is the e-mail that I received from their mailing list:

Dear Friends,

We greet you in the spirit of abundance, and happily share with you the latest chapter in our story.

Our much lauded team of Vineyard Manager Mike Wolf and Winemaker Celia Welch have an intimate knowledge of each and every row of our Rutherford Vineyard. Each year harvest appears as a stunningly choreographed ballet. The lots rendered from all individual blocks are pressed and aged separately so as to best reveal the unique characteristics of each. There is ultimately during the course of our blending process a certain dynamic synergy that occurs. The “A-ha Moment” that we as a team, led by ‘Celia of the vigilant palate’ recognize as Scarecrow.

A thrilling event transpired during the blending of our 2008 vintage. The portion of juice that wasn’t included in the final Scarecrow blend was so undeniably superb that we were inspired to bottle it. Hence, with great excitement we introduce our new label from the JJ Cohn estate, M. Étain 2008, a stunning Cabernet Sauvignon which charmingly displays a perfect balance between power and elegance.

M. Étain will be offered to you in gratitude for your longstanding loyalty throughout the life and times of Scarecrow. You will receive your offer along with a user ID and password. The very existence of M. Étain will be determined on a vintage by vintage basis and accordingly, amounts will vary based on the outcome of Scarecrow blendings. We will continue to produce both Scarecrow and M. Étain on the basis of quality over quantity with the intention of meeting the highest of expectations.

Always and with great pleasure,


From the Scarecrow website:

Unmistakably from the Cohn Ranch in Rutherford, Napa Valley, this lovely Cabernet shows all the trademark nuances for which this ranch is known. Intense dark cherry, black plum and raspberry tones slowly escape from the wine surface, carrying with them nuances of sweet baking spices (clove, nutmeg), vanilla, warm star anise, cedar, and warm mocha notes. On the palate, the texture is immediately broad and full, with a soft, heavy-satin sensation akin to melted dark chocolate. The finish echoes the fruit expression in the aromas, evoking dark fruits and a cocoa/mocha tone.

This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon was harvested from five separate blocks of vines, all a part of the J.J. Cohn Estate in Rutherford, Napa Valley, between September 16 and October 1, 2008. Treated with the same care and respect as all of the Scarecrow lots, the fruit was harvested by hand, fermented in small vats, aged in 90% new French oak for 16 months, then bottled without fining or filtration in mid March, 2010.

Here is a picture of the actual packaging compliments of Roy Piper and http://wineberserkers.com/

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried this yet? With the 2009 around the corner, it would be nice to have some validation.