Friday, September 24, 2010

The Farnsworth House - Bordentown, NJ

Finally, week one of two straight is over, so we came home from work, did some house cleaning, and then I took a shower. Friday's are usually delivery nights on work weekends, but tonight we decided to take a cruise into Bordentown and hit the Farnsworth House for a little something something off of their bar menu.

They have one of my many favorite fall beers on tap right now, and one of them is Dog Fish Head's Punkin Ale, so I ordered one of those. Zelda went for her standard Tanqueray and tonic, and we asked for some bar menu's.

I really didn't even have to look at the menu as I knew what I would be ordering, but I looked anyway as it changes from week to week. Zelda ordered the falafel, and they actually put a little twist on the falafel now. Instead of rolling them into balls, they are actually rolling them into smaller patties, and from what Fatih said, this gives them a better texture, which in turn gives them better flavor. Needless to say, they were indeed tasty, as was the sauce that they were served with.

I went for the kofte kebab that I absolutely love! This is a gorgeous sausage blend with a all sorts of good spices! There are 4 large sausage, and they actually changed these a little bit from the last time I had them. Now, they are a little more plump, and this makes them cook nicer, and more tender. They had a great juicy flavor, and who would have though these could be improved! This was served with 8 sliced, soft flour tortillas, shredded lettuce, sliced red onion, this sliced tomato, a long green pepper that had some nice heat, and the sauce. This was awesome, and definitely one of my favorites on their menu. It is just flavorful, and different! Definitely not something you can find just anywhere, and even if you did, it may not be as good as these!

All in all, another great night on the cheap at the bar at The Farnsworth House! Kudos to Fatih and the staff for doing a great job, and for being home to some of the best bargain food in Bordentown. Their bar menu really cannot be beat, and it isn't at all your typical bar food! Stop in and check it out, and tell them that F. Scott and Zelda sent ya! Cheers!

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