Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 3: Hot Dog Challenge! 3 Days, 6 brands! What hot dog will reign supreme

Well, Day 3 of the hot dog challenge is here and gone! The dogs left today were the classic Ballpark and the Dietz and Watson. The Ballpark is a combination of turkey, pork and beef, whereas the Dietz and Watson was 100% beef.

As I expected today, these dogs really wouldn’t have too much affect on the overall crown of the “Best Hot Dog,” but even so, I tried to keep an open mind.

Unfortunately today, we lost two of our judges, Holly and Austyn as they were absolutely “hot dogged out.” In all actuality, I really can’t blame them, and I guarantee I won’t be grilling up any hot dogs this weekend! LOL! I did however pick up two new judges, another one of the Senior Master Sergeants from AES, as well as one of our Major’s who works in Logistics.

The grill was fired up at 11:30AM, and I let the coals get nice and hot. I threw the dogs on sometime after Noon, and we were ready to eat by 12:20. It was actually pretty easy to tell which dogs were which as the Ballpark plumped up nicely. Both dogs got a good char as the grill was nice and hot today.

Again, I dressed my dogs the same as the two previous days, and the taste test began. At this point, I wasn’t sure which dog was which, and I didn’t go out of my way to figure it out until I had tasted them both. Once I figured it out, it was determined that the Dietz and Watson had the better taste to me. It was meatier, and it was much cleaner! It tasted like real beef, opposed to just a hodgepodge of “meat parts. Even so, neither of the hot dogs were bad, and I ended up eating a half of each of them after I finished the whole hot dogs.

So what does that mean about the hot dog challenge? What are the final results? Which hot dog will reign supreme? Well, there were a few factors that came in to play here. First and foremost, I picked my favorite hot dog by comparing my Day 1, 2, and 3 winners. Although the Dietz and Watson was good, it really did not factor into the equation. The other judges did the exact same thing, and the votes were tallied! Once the votes were tallied, we came to a consensus, and that consensus was that: THE HOT DOG CHALLENGE IS TOO CLOSE TO CALL!!!!!!! What can I say baby? There is going to be a playoff for the first place crown! So that being said, stay tuned on Monday when The Hebrew Nationals face off against the Sabrett for the title! There can only be one winner, but at this point in time, we have to take it to overtime! It is just too close to call, so stay tuned on Monday! There will only be one champion! Cheers!

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